Desirable Essex location Option Exchanged! 

Sourcing off market opportunities has never been as competitive. Finding off-market unconditional stock was an art for the likes of me walking the streets 20 years ago. Now we have courses popping up for anyone to learn how to use mapping systems and writing letters (I might consider putting on a course myself!).

Everyone from agents, land buyers, developers and postmen are at it to find the next deal. It has never been easier to find opportunities but with that comes more competition and this site was approached many times previously. The difference is being able to provide dozens of examples of sites where consents have already been achieved and providing honest feedback on what they will be giving away.

We first offered to work with them at their cost to achieve consent and gain 100% of the uplift. We all know planning has never been harder or taken longer. A medium ground, when explained, is often the land owners choice with the planning costs and risk involved as was the case on this one. The agreed price was £300,000 more than the existing value and the buyer in my opinion has 100% chance at gaining planning as we know who to place these opportunities with.

If you have something that would benefit from planning, Highfield will undertake a large amount of due diligence and gain opinions from architects and planning consultants without costs prior to discussing your desired route of disposal. Always happy to have a confidential discussion. Talk to Highfield.